Imagine Schools Standards-Based Curriculum

At Imagine Schools, we have developed a curriculum that guides teachers and students toward the high level of learning expected in today’s world. This process is used every time lessons and assessments are planned. It describes the curriculum and, along with the Imagine Schools School Design Model, sets the parameters for teaching and learning in an effective classroom. The curriculum represents the best thinking of education professionals, as well as the input of business and community members as to the needs of students in a global society.

The curriculum is characterized by challenging academic standards that lead to high achievement for all students. Standards are clearly articulated at each grade level, building upon a solid content base in each academic subject. Students expand prior knowledge through a spiraled thematic curriculum, focusing on inquiry and project-based applications of key concepts and universal ideas. Instructional practices vary, ensuring that teachers meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles.

The curriculum provides students and teachers with world class learning opportunities, with a focus on the following:

  • Learner centered results
  • Authentic and challenging materials and activities
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Technology as a learning tool
  • A hands-on, minds-on approach to learning
  • Personal and global perspectives
  • Reflection and exchange of ideas
  • Interdisciplinary thematic units

We believe that engaging students in a rigorous standards-based curriculum is essential to student achievement and success. The curriculum characteristics allow for flexibility, yet maintain high and appropriate expectations for all. At Imagine Schools, the curriculum ensures that students enjoy the moment, and learn for a lifetime.