COVID-19 Update 3/29

Happy Sunday to Our Imagine Lakewood Ranch Family,

We hope everyone is getting ready to spend this Sunday on family time, playing games, activities, lots of things NOT related to technology. Instead use this time to focus on staying healthy and safe, as this is the #1 priority.

So tomorrow Monday it BEGINS!!! We begin our 4th quarter in a way that none of us have ever experienced before.

We understand that everyone is trying to figure out how this is going to work; between work, kids running around the house, structure change, and most of all having to create a classroom environment for our kids at home. We truly understand how hard this is.

Please think of this week as a ‘a trial run’ to see what works well, what needs adjusted/improved, streamlined, etc… we will work through the technology growing pains together. Please do not stress! You are not alone. Our team is here to support you and help you to the best of our ability. Most importantly we recognize that we have many working families that need the flexibility to work at different times with their children and we will continue to support this. There are many things we will all learn these next couple of days but together we will make it.

*Quick note: Please understand, assignments are due on a daily basis to help our students have some sense of normalcy and not have the work load pile up. This can become overwhelming and cause even more confusion, not just for the students, but for the parents as well. The assignments that our students will be receiving online are purposely ‘chunked’; or in much smaller increments than what we provide in the classroom. We respect and understand that things may happen so we ask you to please keep your teachers informed.

We miss being at school and having your children with us. We miss our routine, waving at you in the morning and afternoon, teaching your child, parents’ calls, loud lunch rooms, classroom time, listening to arguments of who is the line leader today, and our students just being kids; everything that is a part of the structure and routine for all of us. Believe us we miss them. They are the reason we became teachers.

Just take a moment to breathe. With every day that passes it will get easier for everyone.

Stay strong, safe and healthy.

Your Imagine Lakewood Ranch Family

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