Attendance Policy

Florida Compulsory School Law (F.S. 1003.21) states all children who are either six years of age (or who will be six years old by February 1 of any school year), but who have not attained the age of 16 must attend school regularly during the entire school term. Students between 16 and 18 are also within compulsory attendance age, unless a formal Declaration of Intent to Terminate School Enrollment has been completed and signed by the parent and an exit interview is conducted at the school.

a. You are expected to be on time and in school for the entire student day, each school day.

b. On the day of your absence, a parent or guardian should call the school to explain the absence. The absence will be excused if it meets the criteria outlined below. The parent or guardian must contact the school within 48 hours of the absence or appropriate documentation is required within 5 days. If this contact is not made, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.

c. If you are continually sick and repeatedly absent from school, you must be under the supervision of a physician in order to be excused from attendance. Excessive absences could lead to a parent conference, referral for social work services, referral to Truancy Court, and the involvement of the State Attorney. Parents who fail or refuse to cooperate with the school in the matter of regular school attendance for their child may be prosecuted for truancy by the State Attorney’s Office.

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