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Good Afternoon Imagine Lakewood Ranch Family, We hope everyone is doing well and staying nice and healthy.  Well the month of June has been extremely busy here at Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch.  Lots of things taking place, adjustments, changes, but we are getting ready to get our students in the building in a safe and healthy matter.

We have the following exciting activities taking place:

CONSTRUCTION: The construction for our covered courtyard area began this past Friday, YEAH!!!!!!!

CURRICULUM: Curriculum has been purchased and it is slowly coming in.  Whether some students are online or in the building, to support instruction, it will be nice for them to still have their consumables with them to use as guidance in class.

COVID Committee:  We have met with our school committee to start getting ready and address the many concerns that the new school year will bring us.

We have or are in the process of making these changes.

  • Purchased face shields for our teachers so their faces can be seen, this will also be easier for the delivery of instruction.  
  • Install automatic hand sanitizers in each classroom.
  • Adding a plexi-glass shield for the front office.
  • Researched and purchased a special spray to keep in all classrooms to disinfect at all times. It is non-toxic and needs to be sprayed but not wiped down.
  • Installing water bottle fillers instead of using the water fountains.
  • Contactless thermometers to check students and staff upon entry.
  • Teachers will go into classrooms in situations where students transitioned between classes.
  • No communal items will be shared at tables instead each student will bring their own pencil pouches, etc. 

These are just a few things and we are working on additional measures.We are looking at everything to our best ability, so everyone is ready with the new protocols for the new year which will be crucial for our students, families, and staff safety.  Our survey from our families two weeks ago, had us at about 74% fully in school, 20% blended and 6% online.

Since DeSantis shared that all of our schools will begin in Full Capacity in August, we need one more information from our families. If you shared that you are interested in Fully online for the upcoming school year or you didn’t but are interested, please let us know your child’s name plus the grade level in the survey below. With the new opening criteria from DeSantis, our goal is to have the students fully in school or with an online program. Before starting anything, we will be needing approval from the District but having an idea of the grade level and the amount of students will be important for Distance Learning. Survey link:

NEW STAFF AND CURRENT CHANGES: Our Imagine Lakewood Ranch family will like to welcome to our 5th grade team Mrs. Holly Hall and to our 3rd grade team, Mrs. Caitlin Johnson.  They are both previous Imagine School teachers and we are excited to embrace their knowledge and care in supporting our student’s academic growth and character development.  Please also welcome, Mr. Scott Stapleton who is our new bus driver and will also be supporting in the cafeteria. 

We have a new member to our Kindergarten team, who all of you know very well.  Mrs. Kathy Hughes will be joining our Kindergarten team.  Again lots of changes, but positive ones.

SCHOOL OPENING/OPEN HOUSE-Currently school opens on August 10th. Our Open House is scheduled for Thursday August 6th, this might have some changes, as we might need to filter groups at different times so that not everyone is here at the same time.Again I wanted to share as much input as possible with all of you.  Please continue to rest and enjoy your summer.  We will continue to keep you informed with changes as items are finalized and put in place.

We appreciate everyone’s help and support with everything that is taking place.

Have a beautiful week and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free in contacting us.

Stay Safe, Strong, and Healthy.

Your Imagine Lakewood Ranch Family

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